What We Do

Tensile Structure Architect

We are a leader in tensile structure architecture systems. We provide building design services that make any location stand out! With the vast array of frame styles and fabrics available, we render an ideal addition to your residential and commercial space. Our design services and building material are durable and tensile that look appealing whether you need one that covers just one part or all other of the area. 


Tensile Structure

Our name says it all “Landmark Tensile”, which means we have created a Landmark in tensile structures. We provide a wide range of tensile structures.

Poly Carbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate sheets are those that have replaced glass and acrylic in various applications because of their numerous benefits, these sheets are available in a variety of qualities and thicknesses. 

Vertical Awning

Vertical Awnings are Roll up Awnings either manual or motorized for a vertical barrier to Sun, UV, Glare, and Rain.

Awning (Folding Shades)

Folding Awning Shades are perfect for shops, showrooms, and balconies where direct sunlight is not required.

Canopy (Fix Shades)

Canopy fixed shades are a perfect solution for trade fares, real estate companies, and stalls. We provide a wide range of colors and patterns.

Folding Canopy

We have a great collection of folding canopies in terms of color patterns and quality. Folding canopies can we use in restaurants. 

Interior Blinds

As we are pioneer in our industry, we even provide interior solutions in terms of interior blinds of various qualities.

Interior Structure Shades

We have a great collection of interior structure shades in terms of color patterns and quality. Folding canopies can we use in restaurants. 

About Us

Shaping the Future for over 20 Years

We pay close attention to what clients need and how they want it done for us as structural fabricators and engineers to fulfill all their objectives while keeping up to date on new advancements within our field. We specialize in fabric structures and tension-based designs, so the word “tension” pertains to both stretchings or drawing out one thing while maintaining its original form.

Let’s Build Something

Our creativity with building materials has made us very attuned to what’s going on around here – you’ll always know where your needs stand among ours.

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